Application Modernization

Success Story

Customer Background

Business Overview: A multi-national Telecommunications conglomerate providing mobile and fixed telephony services as well as broadband subscription services

Industry: Telecom

Area of operation: Global

Employees: >250,000

Problem in Hand – A slow IT support

The Relay Services group within the organization was finding it difficult to maintain their fleet of workstations that catered specifically to the speech and hearing impaired. While the hardware for these workstations were designed over two decades ago, the situation was even more complicated as result of the Unix to Linux upgrades to the servers. Effectively, given the criticality of the platform, there was a dire need to upgrade the software to a more contemporary platform while retaining the features and functionality.

Know how Orion helped the client to streamline operations by building an interface for Java based Messaging Broker that communicated with the workstations and the servers and brought better visibility of information to the users. Download the case study to read more.

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