Smart Water Operations

Water utility companies are seeking smarter measuring systems and technology solutions for better water management and compliance with regulations.

Data & Analytics can help utility companies:

  • Comply with stringent regulations
  • Build enterprise systems catalogs
  • Integrate data from multiple systems (ERP, smart meters, sensors, telemetry and SCADA)
  • Deliver better customer services
  • Prevent fraud and theft loss
  • Automate preventive maintenance activities

The opportunities for using data are present all along the utility industry value chain, from generation to customer relationship management. According to McKinsey “The utility of the future will be a fully digital system. This means that today’s utilities face a digital transformation of their organization and business. This can begin with quick moves to improve efficiency and expand the customer base. As the transformation builds momentum, it should open deeper digital opportunities across a wide field.”

Orion has been working closely with utilities across the United States and have supported them to provide business insights using data from various sources to help them become efficient, comply with regulations and become ‘smarter’ by automating their business operations. 

Download the success stories to know how we are helping utilities with a data-driven approach.

Download the success stories