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For over two decades, Orion has been empowering leading Fortune 1000 professional service organizations with its cutting-edge solutions and services to improve efficiency and modernize their business processes. We focus on building a solid foundation for your unique business needs and grow your capabilities to help you become an agile and customer-centric organization. Keeping technology, process, and people at the center, we leverage new-age digital technology enablers such as automation, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), chat-bots and cognitive computing to deliver disruptive business solutions and services.

Our Services

Orion Business Innovation with its reusable frameworks, automation building blocks & workflows, and deep professional services domain expertise, provides your business with modern productivity solutions and business process automation technology that is tailor-fitted for your needs.

Digital Business

Improve your business operations, meet increasing client needs and empower your digital workforce with our digital solutions and services.

Business Process Automation

Increase employee productivity so you spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus more on addressing strategic business needs.

  • BPM Consulting Services
  • DevOps
  • Automated Audit Solution Accelerators
  • SOA and Integration
  • Bots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Accelerators

Risk and Compliance

Address broad issues of corporate governance and standardize compliance operations across your business.

Collaboration and Communication

Increase flexibility and encourage innovation across the firm, driven by instant and secure communication and collaboration solutions with capabilities that can be accessed across devices and locations.

Digital Support Services

Tax Practice Transformation Solutions


The tax function is becoming more dynamic and challenging with big data, process automation and cloud driving disruption across the taxation areas. As Tax administration becomes more complex, it demands robust and comprehensive tax solutions.

Orion has been at the forefront of transforming the tax processes using cutting edge technologies. We have the core expertise to optimize your tax functions which transform complex business processes with digital solutions ranging from standardized tools and workflows, extensible and integrated platform, integrated analytics, centralized document repository to collaborative environment.

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