Provide PCI compliant credit card processing and storage for safe and secure transactions

Pay with Confidence – Safeguard and streamline your payments ecosystem

A breach in payment data security can be devastating for any business. It can attract class action lawsuits or contractual penalties that bear a cascading effect in the form of decline in stock prices, loss in business opportunity & market share or rapid churning of customers.

With Payprise, we join the pieces together to solve payment compliance and security challenges, together. PayPrise is a PCI compliant credit card processing and storage solution that simplifies payment processing workflow with its innovative architecture. PayPrise is unique because:

  • The data is processed, encrypted, and tokenized offsite, thus removing the organization from any compliance risk or liability.
  • The intuitive dashboard and responsive design allows easy use on any device.
  • The application also allows the organization to select a Merchant Account that the funds should be deposited into.
  • The out-of-the-box reporting allows the organization to reconcile and report on Payment Requests and Customers. This data can also be exported via API to another system or application.


Making credit card payments more secure and easy

PCI Compliant Credit Card processing

Offsite data encryption, tokenization, and storage

Bank Agnostic - Can interface with any Bank

Payment Delegation

API import/export

Responsive Design

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