Orion Portfolio Management

For more than 2 decades, we have been helping businesses grow with our qualified project management services

Optimize business results through focus on effective execution

Orion Portfolio Management (OPM) platform is an innovative framework with customized tool, business intelligence and statistical models weaved in for managing the various programs and projects available under a particular portfolio. Orion’s strong belief that “Efficient use of time often results in a quality project delivered to clients on time” led to the conception of OPM.

OPM alleviates the challenges of program & project management and efficient tracking of health of the programs, and brings order to complex jobs. OPM brings in design thinking & DevOps approach such as measuring productivity by achievements rather than hours, monitor employee improvements and measure their success by mathematical and statistical modelling bringing in efficiency and high quality of deliverables. OPM defines the program management process including structure, relationships and activities associated with the recognition, definition, design, implementation, testing, release, operation and management of a project.

Key Benefits of OPM Platform –

  • Provides a user-friendly interface for managing projects/programs
  • Dashboards and portals to improve quality and efficiency
  • Helps in defining project milestones
  • Helps in better management of resources and helps to improve resource quality
  • Helps in early identification of risks/issues
  • Helps in effective scheduling of project Sprints
  • Generates status reports as per various parameters of Program Management
  • Helps to track the project deliverables to be able to deliver on time
  • Helps in the management of a portfolio of projects in order to achieve benefits that are of strategic importance
  • Helps to manage records of project at a central location
  • Helps to clearly define the roles & responsibilities of resources by self-realization

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