New Technology for Evaluating Marks

Apr 3, 2017

Publication: Dinamalar (Tamil Daily – Print Edition)
Chennai, April 2, 2017 (Translated from Tamil) – For the first time, this year Tamil Nadu ESLC (8th Class) Examination is evaluated using new technology.

The impact of technology is growing in all areas, so Tamil Nadu ESLC evaluation has decided to adopt a new technology, called OLICR provided by Orion India Systems, a private technology organization.

Orion India Systems has been serving education industry from past 24 years, and has experience in building software for School/Boards and Universities. By using OLICR technology, teachers can easily evaluate students’ answer scripts. When teachers evaluate answer scripts, marks get digitalized in real time, so examination boards are able to get students’ marks immediately.

Along with that, student’s information gets 100% masked. Goa Board has also started using OLICR technology from this year to evaluate the students answer scripts.

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