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We help our clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare solutions through digital innovation.

Healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies today face the challenges of improving overall quality of patient care and increasing productivity while reducing the cost structure of their services. There is also an immense pressure to boost innovation with the overarching goal of improving the quality of all services, efficiency and effectiveness.

At Orion, we combine our industry-leading expertise in consulting, technology and IT staffing to help our clients solve complex business problems. Our value-added solutions focus on improvement in three key areas: business process optimization, accelerating innovation with technology and building more efficient operations within the healthcare industry.

Orion’s Healthcare Services

Orion’s focus in healthcare services is investing in technologies that help our customers achieve a distinct business advantage. Orion provides a unique combination of technology consulting, application development and custom solutions across business functions to healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations. Orion’s services include:

Provider Analytics

With ever-rising costs and the introduction of PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), health providers are increasingly facing pressure to improve the quality of care for patients while managing costs. This has led to unprecedented advancements in of technology in the past few years with the primary goal of improving clinical outcomes.

To accomplish this goal, healthcare providers need tools and solutions to work with huge data sets that help them analyze such data visually as well as connect the dots to improve patient care. Orion’s provider analytics and intelligence solutions help you explore and analyze data to get insights, not easily inferred from static reports. Our data sciences team provides toolkits, data warehouse services and enterprise data management solutions that will help you:

  • Identify correlations and patterns in your patient, clinical and financial data
  • Provide visual performance dashboards of financial, operational and clinical data
  • Identify potential operational inefficiencies and key performance indicators to improve quality of care


Payer Analytics

Healthcare payers face numerous challenges such as lengthy claims management process, provider performance evaluation and unhappy customer experience. PPACA and the fee-for-service/value reimbursement model are driving payers to work with huge volumes of data and make timely decisions. Orion’s payer analytics solutions assists with:

  • Better claims management analysis to improve claims accuracy
  • Improve financial and operational performance
  • Driving data-driven business decisions

We partner with industry leading data analytics providers including Qlik™ and Microsoft Cortana Analytics ™ to develop cutting-edge healthcare data solutions for you.

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