Governance & Risk Management

Manage and control enterprise risk and compliances effectively for improving process transparency, governance and accountability

REGULATIONS, RISKS-TYPES and STANDARDS will continue to evolve and change. Are you prepared?


In today’s fast paced digital world, with emergence of sophisticated frauds coupled with complex regulatory requirements, organizations are under unrelenting pressure to establish formal, end-to-end risk and compliance management processes. This means progressing from “standard” risk and compliance approaches to an advanced holistic risk-informed type of compliance that needs risk-informed outlook and organizational culture.

Orion’s risk and compliance management practice helps organizations identify, resolve, monitor and manage risks on an ongoing basis in order to support management, operational and governance objectives.

Risk Management, Governance / Tracking & Reporting


Eliminate silos, standardize processes, and improve collaboration for building a transparent and resilient organization.

Orion’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution framework enable enterprises integrate governance, policy management, risk management, and compliance management on one single platform. Built with a holistic approach, the solution comprise a Centralized Risk Framework (CRF) to document all risks faced by an organization while Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) capabilities, which form the core of the solution, assists you in risk identification and helps you control the ongoing assessments based on a flexible rating mechanism. An automated and workflow driven approach to managing, communicating, and implementing policies and procedures across the enterprise makes the enforcement an easy task.

The solution also has the ability to track risk profiles, control ownership, assessment plans, remediation status, etc. on heat maps and graphical charts that can be globally accessed and display real-time information. The ability to further drill-down in reports provides an easy way to access finer details of data.

Improved Process Control

Enables consistent control processes across the enterprise, eliminating deviations, errors, and redundant activities

Streamlined Change Control

Integrated document management and change control capabilities keep documentation and processes in sync significantly

Lowered risk exposure

Complete visibility into the control management and compliance process ensures appropriate highlighting of issues that require immediate attention

Better resource utilization

Streamlined and automated control management allows tasks to be moved down the responsibility chain for process owners to take direct responsibility

Infrastructure Audit


Identify, analyse and rectify gaps in your IT infrastructure to contain risks and threats before they become critical.

Technology is the backbone of every business today and is changing at a rapid pace. It brings as many challenges as opportunities for the companies growing rapidly. Orion’s infrastructure audit services provide you the visibility and direction you need to safeguard your valuable data and IT assets.

We conduct a risk assessment and audit your IT landscape to ascertain the prevailing gaps and their impact on your business. We also conduct the review of your existing infrastructure against your future needs and plans for growth. The deep dive audit conducted by our team of certified professionals includes but is not limited to your deployed hardware, software, connectivity, power, security and end-user usability. The audit report detailing and mapping your existing IT systems with key recommendations will ensure that your business adopts the best infrastructure and security practices available. By validating your areas of strength and IT practices, the audit can also assist you in prioritising your technology investments and improvements for achieving a better ROI.

IT Compliance Audit


Meet your compliance requirements proactively and make strong strategic and tactical decisions.

IT systems are deeply embedded in all transactions organizations conduct today. Whether it’s a bank or a healthcare organization, their internal controls over IT systems need to be assessed for their compliance with specific laws or regulatory frameworks such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, FDA, COBIT, ISO 27001, NIST or ITIL in prescribed formats. Since being non-compliant can result in serious consequences such as monetary penalties, it is critical for organizations to follow the regulatory compliance audit guidelines.

Orion with its proven expertise and a set of mature workflow tools and templates review your IT compliances around the prescribed guidelines to bring the required processes and systems into full and effective regulatory compliance. We begin by identifying the prevailing gaps and conducting a health check of your existing IT environment. Our audit professionals further benchmark, rationalise and evaluate controls around relevant application systems and related IT infrastructure that support transactions and business processes which fall under compliance guidelines. They also gauge opportunities for optimization, standardization & consolidation of your processes and systems to help you proactively manage your technology compliance risks and enable you to use transactional data to its full potential.

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