Drive operational excellence for Financial Services

Enabling financial players to become agile and customer-centric through digital and business process automation solutions

Improving operational agility

Today’s banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions – of all sizes – are facing numerous challenges due to tightening regulations, keeping customer data secure, and maintaining operational profitability & efficiency. To succeed in these situations, a balance must be struck between operational optimization, risk mitigation, and digital transformation. Through responding to these challenges, enabling services that enhance customer value, maximize market share & reach, and identifying cross-selling opportunities is how Orion drives operational excellence in the new age.

Our goal is simple, to address the demands of an ever-changing landscape through modernizing the technology infrastructure and automating business processes to improve efficiency, through:

  • Improving business processes and systems
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Mitigating risk and reducing costs
  • Driving margin growth and installing traceable reports for ROI accountabilities

Orion’s Banking and Financial Services

For the past two decades Orion Business Innovation’s focus in banking and financial services has been to invest in technologies that help our clients realize their business advantage(s). We provide a unique combination of technology consulting, application development, and customizable solutions across key business functional areas, which include:

Tax Practice Transformation Solutions


The tax function is becoming more dynamic and challenging with big data, process automation and cloud driving disruption across the taxation areas. As Tax administration becomes more complex, it demands robust and comprehensive tax solutions.

Orion has been at the forefront of transforming the tax processes using cutting edge technologies. We have the core expertise to optimize your tax functions which transform complex business processes with digital solutions ranging from standardized tools and workflows, extensible and integrated platform, integrated analytics, centralized document repository to collaborative environment.

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