Deliver faster results for the Educational sector

Redefining the governance, business processes and service delivery experience for education

The education industry is rapidly changing the way it uses technology.

With improved accessibility and delivery of information services, the industry is transitioning to a digital future. Orion’s Education Solutions assist education institutions in redefining the governance, business processes and students’ learning experience and move beyond the confines of traditional operating models.


Orion Live Ink Character Recognition (OLICR) provides you the easiest and most intuitive way to post assessment scores to school portals. OLICR transcribes and digitizes handwritten scores instantly.Know More


CAREEVS is an integrated business process automation solution that helps you manage and streamline your business processes, from affiliations and student registration to examinations.

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Orion’s Bundle Management Solution (BMS) is an innovative machine-driven process automation solution that simplifies the complex process of answer script bundle management, pre- and post-examinations.Know More

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