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Orion’s Data & Analytics Practice enables enterprise-scale digital transformation and business innovation through the power of AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and Big Data solutions. As a full stack Data & Analytics service provider, Orion helps its clients through the entire journey from data to insights to decisions and value creation.

Our Data and Analytics solutions prepare your organization for the future and the changing competitive landscape with superior insights while simplifying complex information about your business operations.

Data Management & Engineering

One of the biggest barrier to effective digital transformation faced by organizations today is the hyper-growth of data (think IOT, AI, Blockchain, Genomics etc.) residing at disparate locations, in higher volumes and greater variety. This, coupled with growing regulatory compliances, complexity of public and private cloud environments and security makes data management and integration highly challenging.

Orion enable global enterprises manage and optimize data more effectively with its vast experience in consulting, database architecture and data integration domains. Leveraging our comprehensive platforms and accelerators, we deliver business users greater efficiency in moving, sorting, transforming and analyzing data while improving data quality for strategic decision-making.


Orion’s Data Management & Engineering Services include:

Data Discovery

Data discovery allows business users to unlock the value contained within any kind of data visually. Through the data discovery process, raw data is captured and transformed into rich, engaging, and visually compelling graphics for easy interpretation of patterns, dependencies, anomalies, and more.

Orion brings together its pragmatic approach to data collection, tools and technologies as well as data science expertise to help you discover deep insights and get meaningful answers.

Data Modelling & Architecture

With a variety of business applications, databases and reporting strategies, many enterprises currently find their data lack integrity and often lead to confusion, errors, wariness, and less informed decision making.

Orion focuses on a strong data modeling & architecture approach based on your existing data, business goals and and the integration requirements to create a high-performance and scalable Data Architecture model.

Data & Platform Migration

In today’s rapid pace of technology advancement, enterprises are grappling with the many different facets that affect an upgrade. Whether it’s the complexities of data integrations or migration of legacy applications to newer platforms, any move can be risky and time-consuming.

Orion’s team of data experts’ help you advance your technology landscape and move away from obsolete, unsupported or overly expensive hardware with ease.

Data Lake & Analytics

A data lake is a powerful architectural approach to find insights from untapped data, which brings new agility to the business. It allows you to develop and run massively parallel data transformation and processing programmes with simplicity.

Orion’s Data Lake solutions allows customers to gain insights from large, complex and variety of data sets which enables data scientists, data developers, and business analysts to access data with their choice of analytic tools and frameworks.

Big Data Analytics

Orion’s approach to big data management and analytics starts with creating a detailed data model and implementation plan with clear interim goals. Your team will show clear progress and results throughout the larger project – keeping the team moving towards the end goal. Our Big Data services include:

  • Planning and assessing your data, systems, and capabilities for your big data initiatives
  • Building a robust data transformation model to maximize data analytics programs
  • Managing and operating your data, applications, and models on an on-going basis

Data Warehousing & BI Management

Orion’s Data Warehousing services provide the keys to unlock your data silos. Our deep expertise in data management, analytics and business intelligence provides the tools to understand your data, develop and deliver unified enterprise-wide data solutions.

  • Data stores and data marts development and implementation
  • Data mart modelling
  • Data integration
  • Data ingestion
  • Data migration
  • Data warehouse modernization
  • Business intelligence advisory and architecture

Data Governance & Data Quality

Data Governance and Data Quality are two distinct disciplines that play vital roles in data-driven organizations. When organizations focus on data management programs and tasks, many struggle when it comes to prioritizing their data environments for either data quality or data governance.

Orion helps you drive both disciplines with a cohesive and collaborative framework that enables you to manage and define organization-wide policies, business work-flows, and enforce compliance while assuring data’s accuracy, completeness and relevance by providing the necessary level of quality control.

Reference & Master Data Management

Organizations that use data entry profoundly experience substantial data quality challenges due to erroneous or improper coding of reference data values. This combined with delays in updating reference files or tables for each instance and periodic quality reviews due to insufficient staff make the reference data out-dated, causing errors in application performance and data integration.

Orion approach to overcome these challenges incorporate evaluation and restructuring of reference files or tables along with the implementation of MDM technology comprising RDM as a subset. The result of a successful MDM solution is reliable, centralized data that can be analyzed faster for better business decisions.

Advanced Analytics & Data Science

Be prepared for the future

In today’s world, organizations need to take advantage of big data sets and process the data to generate targeted and actionable insights. Large data sets are difficult to consolidate, standardize and manage, yet necessary to successfully generate critical intelligence about your business.

Our Data Scientists have developed user-friendly data analytics programs that your team can integrate easily with their workflows. With Orion’s Data Science services you can:

  • Analyze data sets across your organization
  • Develop staged data science road-maps
  • Create algorithms to model data
  • Create visualizations to see the data outputs

Orion’s analytics and data science experts deliver seamless data solutions that are engineered to go beyond the data to provide business intelligence.

Anomaly / Fraud Detection

A shift to the digital has opened new delivery channels for financial service providers. But it has also created a rich environment for fraudsters. By leveraging Machine Learning (ML), Orion enable financial organizations to process large data-sets with many variables and help them find hidden correlations between user behavior and the likelihood of fraudulent actions.

Cognitive Engine: Computer Vision & NLP

Orion brings together natural language processing, machine learning, and advanced algorithms to analyze unstructured data, determine its meaning and use machine learning to improve the accuracy of results. We leverage Microsoft’s Cognitive services to provide computer vision, speech / voice recognition, FAQ answering etc. through custom APIs.

Voice Recognition / Chatbots

Smart conversational interfaces known as chatbots are set to radically transform customer services. ORVA, Orion’s new voice activated assistant (Hey Orva) is an AI-based contextual voice and text bot that can answer customer queries through voice and can deliver new digital experiences to the end-user. We leverage Microsoft Bots Framework to enable your business interact with your users naturally wherever they are.

Face / Object Detection

Building a model for visual recognition is both difficult and time-consuming task. By leveraging Microsoft’s Face API, Orion delivers industry leading face and object detection solutions that provide a high degree of facial detection accuracy for security, natural user interface, image content analysis and management and robotics.

Data Classification

Data classification is an important part of building actionable data sets for effective decision-making. It helps organizations discover and protect what data they hold, where they hold, who can access it and how long it must be retained for any compliance. Orion offers Data classification solutions with wide range of products to help enterprises classify, sort or organize different types of data with round-the-clock support.

Product Recommender

Product recommendation engines enable businesses learn more about a customer in real-time and offer personalization to each user usually in the form of predictive offers or next best offers. Orion’s product recommendation engine is a modern machine learning solution built upon an algorithm, based on keyword-based description and history of interactions data to profile the users according to their preferences.

BI & Visualization

Today, organizations seek to derive greater insights while new technologies and techniques push the boundaries of visual data presentation. By leveraging its vast experience and deep knowledge in business intelligence, Orion provides advanced data visualization services to bring your data to life with highly interactive and customizable BI dashboards that are easy to understand.

Our team of certified professionals have strong expertise in BI & visualization tools such as Microsoft Power BIPyramid Analytics and Qlik to enable you with representation of large and complex data in a more meaningful manner. Our data visualization approach comprises below services:

  • BI Assessment, Planning & Implementation
  • Advisory Services
  • BI Reports and Dashboards
  • Reporting Platform Migration
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Managed Projects and Services

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