An analytics platform enables you to analyze data from multiple data sources for enhanced business insights

From DATA to DECISION making – Manage Analytics with ease

Congero is an advanced data analytics platform that enables you to analyze data from multiple data sources for deeper and faster business insights. Congero is fast, scalable and customizable so you can gain insights in days and not months. It’s modular and cloud based approach makes it a versatile tool in almost all business scenarios.

Unified Analytics

CongeroTM is all inclusive – from data aggregation to visualization, thus enabling its users to prepare data readily, model it, and visualize it for faster decisions.

Data Aggregation

Congero helps in preparing data quickly and intuitively from a wide variety of sources including:

  • Document Repositories
  • Websites
  • APIs
  • Institutional data providers
  • News Media
  • All social media
  • Customer specific websites, blogs etc.

It collates data in an intermediate data store for extensive audits and mining. It then submits the data to the analytics engine for modeling and advanced analytics.


Congero makes it easy for analysts, data scientists and data managers to model and play with data.

  • Machine learning algorithms that are ‘self-learning’, so your results are always improving
  • Customized templates that can be reused readily so you need not wait each time for building different models
  • Extensible frameworks that can be deployed immediately in various business scenarios; be it marketing, sales, operations, or customer data

Whether you are analyzing customer data, or financials or monitoring business operations real-time, Congero provides reliable answers for accurate business decisions.


Congero’s strong integration with Qlik, and Microsoft Power BI, serves as robust platform for:

  • Report/Alert
  • Guided Analytics
  • Self-Service Discovery
  • Collaboration
  • Embedded Analytics

With above visualization capabilities, we bring visual analytics at the point of decision.




A completely modular platform that can be provisioned in days and that helps generate insights in weeks and not months.


A cloud based solution that is highly flexible and can be readily scaled up or down depending on your requirements.


A platform that is made for your consumption and can be easily customized based on your requirements.


A technology agnostic platform that provides you greater interoperability with a variety of third party tools for better data consumption.

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