Cloud & Infrastructure

Accelerate your business transformation programs with the Cloud-first approach

Business outcomes in today’s digital world depend on effective and efficient IT

Orion provides your organization with an efficient and optimized Cloud and IT infrastructure to expand your organization’s ability to innovate and grow. Orion has extensive experience in managing hybrid infrastructure environments, supported by its premium partnerships with leading technology providers. This enables us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure and cloud management services that help you to assess, optimize, integrate and manage your technology infrastructure and make it a strategic differentiator for your business.

Cloud Strategy Services

Orion’s cloud strategy services cuts across applications and infrastructure including:

  • Developing overall cloud strategy
  • Cloud/Infrastructure architecture audit
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Change management
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud ROI

Cloud Migration Services

Orion provides clients with various options to migrate their existing infrastructure & applications to the cloud. We have strong partnerships with major cloud providers including Microsoft AzureTM and AWSTM which helps us design tailor-made cloud solutions suited to cater to your every need. We automate the migration service using existing and custom tools and accelerator frameworks.


ORZURETM – Cloud Migration Accelerator Framework

Organizations need to first evaluate on how the planned migration may affect their enterprise operations. Orion’s accelerator framework ORZURETM helps assessing the current business environments and prepares the organization for its migration journey.


ODAMATICTM – Orion’s Cloud Migration Framework to help you migrate to the cloud seamlessly

Our migration tool ODAMATICTM helps ease the process of migration using automated scripts and processes.


Know more about how we can help you migrate to the cloud seamlessly using Orion’s ORZURETM and ODAMATICTM frameworks

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Infrastructure & Engineering Services

Orion’s infrastructure & engineering services include:

Infrastructure Services

  • Business Continuity Solutions
  • Virtualization Services
  • Enterprise Data Backups & Restoration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Service Automation
  • Enterprise Systems Management
  • Server & Application Consolidation
  • Remote Monitoring

Hosted Virtual Network

  • Move on-premises physical hardware to the cloud
  • Business specific applications deployed and managed on virtual network
  • Ongoing support, monitoring, security, backup/restoration and disaster recovery built-in to the engagement
  • Dedicated desktops for the entire workforce
  • Equipped with self-serve and service automation

Cloud Server Backup

  • Instantaneous online access to data – replicated on disks, not tape
  • Define your levels of backup – incremental, full system, and real time
  • Implement best practices for data retention to satisfy compliance requirements
  • Data remains intact and recoverable for disaster recovery protection

Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Full hardware or virtual hardware disaster recovery options replicating mission-critical applications
  • Highly redundant and certified data center and team of disaster recovery engineers
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery workstations keep your employees on the job when your primary location is out of commission during a disaster

Server & Application Consolidation

  • Analyze and score applications and infrastructure utilization within the organization
  • Evaluate and decide consolidation approach
  • Move assets to cloud for additional scale and redundancy
  • Consolidate infrastructure and servers on the cloud paths

Private Cloud Hosting

  • Enables consistent control processes across the enterprise, eliminating deviations, errors, and redundant activities
  • Deploy a private cloud solution to move on-premises physical or virtual hardware to the cloud
  • Extend your on-premises virtualized private environment to the cloud, and manage entire virtualized environment through a single interface
  • Centralized management, scalability and control with complete visibility, customizable dashboards, real-time performance and capacity analytics using Microsoft System Center OR VMWare vCenter

Security Audits

  • Host, network and application security monitoring & maintenance
  • Setup and proactively manage security policies
  • Integration with Corporate Risk Management policies procedures
  • Support for compliance frameworks including Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, COBIT and ITIL
  • Detailed (and periodic) reports on findings
    • Categorize issues as “high”, “medium” and “low”
    • Include evidence/justifications
    • Recommendations and remediation
    • ITIL Process implementations

Cloud Managed Services

Orion provides comprehensive workplace managed services that help you advance your business with improved visibility, automation and control over your IT assets.

Managed Services

Enables consistent control processes across the enterprise, eliminating deviations, errors, and redundant activities

  • Complete lifecycle management of desktop and mobile device environments
  • Automated provisioning, deployment and support
  • Multi-vendor asset management, break/fix, software and infrastructure management
  • Desktop application management
  • Messaging – Lotus Notes and MS Exchange Administration
  • LAN/WAN administration
  • OS Builds and upgrades
  • Backup administration
  • Application client modification
  • Service Desk support

Hosted Virtual Network

  • Monitor logs & usage/utilization in real-time
  • Check performance parameters and tune the resources for optimized performance
  • Business continuity solutions
    • Monitor the health of all business critical resources (e.g.: email server)
    • Reduced down-times during backups and other operations
    • Advanced database and application security configurations
    • Infrastructure utilization metering
  • Security vulnerability monitoring

Real Time Maintenance

Monitor and maintain all assets for consistent and reliable operations

Performance Engineering

  • Design assessments
  • Capacity planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Infrastructure Optimization

Support & Help Desk

  • Customized SLAs
  • Multiple levels of escalation
  • Experienced resources at each level
  • Tools & Technologies for optimized user experience

Application Management

  • Application Monitoring
  • Database backup (daily/Weekly/custom) policies
  • Disaster recovery planning & testing
  • Health Checks
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Multi-level security

Server Management

  • Logs Monitoring
  • OS Upgrades
  • User Management
  • Backups & Restoration
  • Application Deployments & Monitoring
  • Patches, Hot Fixes and Service Packs

Network Architecture Design & Implementation

Orion provides high-end Network Architecture Design and Implementation Services to help you build a reliable, scalable and future-proof network. Whether you are looking to setup an Enterprise Wide Area Network or integrate security, wireless, voice, video, and data networks, Orion has the skills and resources to provide you efficient and comprehensive network solutions. Our strong team of certified experts specialize in Network Design, Directory Authentication Services, IT Security Policy and Design Strategies, Storage Solutions and more.

Our comprehensive network services include:

Network Architecture Design

  • Design and buildout of distributed Enterprise Global routing architecture for voice video and data
  • Design and build distributed Commercial Enterprise Extranet Global Web infrastructure for classified data analytics
  • Architecture effort and future implementation of DevOps as it relates to Web and Data infrastructure


  • Notes to Exchange online Migration
  • OAuth, SAML, SLDAP Integration with external Companies / products
  • Active Directory / Windows Server Migrations
  • Microsoft’s Desired State Configuration for consistent Server Builds
  • VMWare migration to version 6 (from version 5.5)


  • Global vPoP deployments utilizing VMWare®‎ (ESXi 6 & VSAN), Dell®‎SimplivityTM, IBMTM CleverSafe®‎ storage, Bridgestor®‎, CiscoTM, Palo Alto Networks®‎, Microsoft®‎ Windows, ArristaTM, F5®‎, Avaya, Dell®‎ Hardware & Storage
  • Riverbed®‎ Technologies for WAN Optimization and Steelhead Fusion Deployments
  • PKI redesign and deployment
  • Citrix®‎ Netscaler®‎, XenApp®‎, and XenDesktop design and deployments

Network Management

  • Virtual Machine Template builds and Standardization
  • Datacenter & Office relocation, redesign and rebuild
  • SAN buildout using Brocade, IBM, Infinidat Hardware and Fiber Channel, & iSCSI
  • MS Windows and Linux Server build Standardization
  • Security Standards (Internet, Intrusion detection, Server, Workstation and Mobile)

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