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CAREEVS is a comprehensive process automation solution to manage costs, optimize operations and increase service agility

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CAREEVS (Campus Affiliation Registration Examination Enquiry & Verification System) is a powerful process automation solution meant exclusively for educational institutions to help them manage and streamline their business processes, right from affiliation and student registration to examinations and answer scripts management. As an integrated business process automation solution, CAREEVS provides powerful capabilities that help institutions to achieve improved operational efficiency and user productivity, reduced paperwork, compliance in accordance with boards and government regulations and real-time end-to-end visibility of business operations.

CAREEVS leverages the cloud platform for robust and efficient application management. While it allows you to access the information anytime, anywhere and on any device, it also helps you to reduce your IT infrastructure costs and ensures simultaneous adoption by multiple users, irrespective of their location. Being a modular solution, CAREEVS can be easily scaled and customized to your institutional needs. Below are the key modules of CAREEVS you can choose to build an exclusive solution that works best for you.

Key modules of CAREEVS


Affiliation Management

It offers complete affiliation process management, right from submission of preliminary data, various forms, inspection, granting of provisional and permanent affiliation to upgrade and annual renewal.

Examinations Management

The Examination Module has more than 30 sub-modules that streamlines operations related to conduction and evaluation of examinations including arranging and manning of examination centers, distribution of question papers, managing answer script bundles, selection of evaluation centers and evaluating examiners, calculating evaluators remuneration, results publication and reports generation.

Student Registration and Admissions Management

The module simplifies registration process through a comprehensive student records management system that manages the entire admission lifecycle, right from preliminary registration to withdrawal or confirmation of the student. The automation reduces your paper work and eliminates any human error.

Verification & Enquiry Management

Post examination, the module facilitates you to manage multiple requests for verification of certificates, correction of data and issue of duplicate certificates. The module relies on digitization and archival of documents. It also facilitates online payment and seamlessly integrates the financial transactions with the accounting system of your institution.

Receipt and Dispatch Module

The module tracks all incoming and outgoing mail and also generates reports related to the use of franking machines.

Communication Management

The module enables you to improve the means of communication and messaging within the organization. It leverages Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 and Skype business solutions to offer video conferencing and screen sharing facilities.

Digitization of records

The module facilitates a quick search and retrieval of documents stored on the cloud with backup feature that protects your records against fire hazards or any other natural disasters.

General Administration Solutions

It comprise various administrative solutions including Attendance management, Fee management, Time-Table management, Library management, Reception management, Accounts & HR and a Learning Management System.

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We ensure you get what you require to achieve your institutional goals. With our focused approach and modular solutions, we deliver real value to your operations by reducing the time you invest in non-productive processes imposed by legacy school technologies and contain associated costs. Our solutions have the potential to completely eliminate all paper transactions and bridge the unfilled gaps existing due to lack of alternatives to human dependency. By shifting your focus from operational and administrative issues to your institutional goals, we enable you to effectively respond to digital disruption and evolving student expectations.