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The Orion Difference

Orion partners with fast-growing organizations to develop unique and collaborative solutions for their business and IT challenges. Unlike bigger consulting firms, we employ a grounds-up approach using our people, skills, industry and domain expertise to develop forward-looking strategies for your business. We partner with you to evaluate your existing investments and operations, maximize their value, and design and deliver custom future-facing processes and tools to maximize your organization’s productivity and performance.

Service Offerings


Orion’s team of consultants leverages technology design, automation and data to develop innovative solutions to your business, technology and IT challenges. We reimagine your business challenges and provide targeted, effective solutions.

Our services encompass the different facets of today’s business strategy toolbox.

  • Enterprise Strategy & Architecture practice helps with governance architecture, information architecture, service-oriented architecture and infrastructure architecture
  • Governance and Risk Compliance practice helps organizations mitigate business risks
  • Business Process Optimization practice helps you realize efficiencies and improve your ROI from business and technology investments
  • Program Management Service offering delivers a strong collaborative experience across your organization to help increase individual and team performance and delivery of projects and organizational initiatives

Enterprise Strategy and Architecture

Orion’s Enterprise Strategy & Architecture services focus on your core business challenges. We provide forward-thinking strategic digital solutions that allow you to operate with agility, flexibility, and adaptability. You will be positioned for the future.

IT Strategy and Roadmap

We partner with your management team and IT to align your technology efforts with your business goals, increasing value from your business operations. Our team:

  • Builds business cases that help measure and govern IT delivery
  • Designs IT roadmaps that are in sync with your functional and business goals and define stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Assesses use and value of your existing technology investments to your business processes
  • Works with your management team to maximize value from existing IT investments and operations, while modernizing IT infrastructure and applications
  • Mitigates IT risks using Orion’s governance & risk solutions

Enterprise Architecture Program Management and Enablement

We build and establish the enterprise architecture program that includes:

  • Templates for defining architecture principles and standards, existing business processes, and technologies
  • Enterprise architecture processes including enterprise governance, risk management, roles and responsibilities
  • Blueprint of the current, future, or any transitional state of enterprise architecture

Information Architecture Services

Our Enterprise Information Architecture practice offers:

  • Development of a robust information management architecture using our data management solutions
  • Design and implementation of next generation technologies including big data analytics, automation, cloud, and mobile, with an optimal investment approach
  • End-to-end data and information management solutions including data management, data sciences, data quality and data governance

IT Risk Management and Governance

Orion’s proprietary risk and governance solution mitigates your enterprise risk as well as providing the tools required to comply with regulations and policies for improving business process transparency, governance and accountability.

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Application & Infrastructure Optimization

Many organizations need to invest in and implement modern and disruptive technologies such as cloud, automation, and big data analytics – while integrating the new technologies with legacy or standardized applications and infrastructure. Successful management of existing systems while migrating to new technologies requires an in-depth understanding of the business goals and requirements, both the legacy and new technologies, and substantial planning.

We partner with you to optimize your existing technologies and planned migration to new technologies while minimizing upfront investments. Our services include:-

IT optimization & modernization

We help modernize and/or optimize your application portfolios by implementing current and future technologies to manage your business and prepare it for the future. We use your current enterprise architecture and build technology roadmaps to define realistic implementation timelines with a robust risk and governance model in place.

Cloud Advisory and Migration

Our cloud migration services help you move to the cloud smoothly without affecting your core business operations. We work with you to develop:

  • Cloud computing strategy and use cases
  • Cloud implementation and migration
  • Deliver IT as a service (ITaaS) using SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services

Business Process and Technology Optimization (BPTO) / Business Analysis

We help you optimize and streamline your business and IT processes to increase their speed, agility and flexibility, decrease technology costs, and time to market. We deliver IT as a Service (ITaaS), helping organizations maximize the business value of their IT function. Our BPTO services include:

BPM Consulting Services – Migrate legacy applications to business process managed state-of-the-art apps.

SOA and Integration – Define and deploy a service oriented architecture (SOA) strategy and governance model.

Business Process Analytics – Deliberate, comprehensive methodology that supports data-driven decision-making with an emphasis on statistical analysis. Manage and optimize your business process by giving you real-time visibility for faster decision making.

Process Automation – Using advanced & proprietary frameworks, gain insights in processes that can be automated to improve business operations.

Cloud Integration – Move to the cloud easily – be it public, private or hybrid by implementing SaaS (Software as a service) solutions.

Project and Program Management

Organizations can optimize business results only if they are executed effectively.

For over 20 years, Orion has provided robust program & project management consulting services, frameworks, and tools. We help drive business transformation through:

  • Enterprise Portfolio Management: Our team works with yours to align project and program portfolios with your business goals and ROI targets. In addition to developing a robust program management model, we make use of our digital and collaboration solutions to support your project and program management efforts and maximize your returns.
  • complex project management: Using the latest collaboration technologies and approaches, we help you implement a strong and well-defined project execution methodology to successfully execute complex projects. We leverage Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office 365 suite to deliver unparalleled project management coupled with a high ROI for our clients.

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